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The HOOKINSTALLSTRUCT structure contains information about a hook that a plug-in would like to be notified of. It is passed to Babel with the PLG_INSTALL_HOOK message.

typedef struct tagHOOKINSTALLSTRUCT {
	char		*pszPluginName;
	DWORD		dwHookId;
	DWORD		dwHookPriority;
	LPARAM		lParam;


NULL terminated string that specifies the plug-in to recieve the hook notification.
Unique identifier that specifies the hook notification message (the plug-in should check for this message in thier PLUGIN_CALLBACK). This member can be one of the following internal hook values or any other plug-in specific value.
Value Meaning
HOOK_BUDDY_STATUS_CHANGE A buddies status has changed.
HOOK_MSG_INCOMING A chat message has been recieved (sent before the chat message has been displayed to the user).
HOOK_MSG_OUTGOING_AFTER A chat message is about to be sent (sent before the chat message has been sent to the appropriate communications plug-in).
HOOK_PLUGIN_LOADED A plug-in has been loaded.
HOOK_PLUGIN_UNLOADED A plug-in has been unloaded.
HOOK_PLUGIN_STATUS_CHANGE The status of a communication plug-in has changed.
HOOK_BUDDY_NEW_SESSION A conversation with a buddy has been initialized by the user.
HOOK_SKIN_EVENT An unhandled skin event has occured.

Specifies the priority of the hook. This parameter can be one of the following values.
Value Meaning
HOOK_PRIORITY_EXCLUSIVE This hook can not be called with any other hooks.
HOOK_PRIORITY_BYTE This hook manipulates the data on a binary scale.
HOOK_PRIORITY_WORD This hook manipulates the data by the word.
HOOK_PRIORITY_SENTANCE This hook manipulates the data by the sentance.
HOOK_PRIORITY_PARAGRAPH This hook manipulates the data by the paragraph.
HOOK_PRIORITY_NONE This hook has no priority.

Data to be passed to the plug-in on the hook event as the lParam of a HOOKINFO structure.

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